Saturday, April 16, 2005

The learning continues...

Today was my third time birding. I met Bolt in the Thomas lobby, a few minutes late, much to my embarrassment. We drove out to Henderson, remaining silent for most of the journey.

We arrived at New Hope cemetery shortly after Jason. Bolt introduced us, and then we began birding.

Several trees near the cemetery were filled with all those little birds – Gnatcatchers, Chickadees, and Titmice. Bolt called me over and pointed to a distant tree. He directed me toward a Blue Grosbeak. I gazed in wonder, yesterday’s sighting not detracting from today’s in the least.

Two bird songs were more distinctive than the others. The first Bolt identified as a Sedge Wren. We searched for it but were unsuccessful. The second was an ascending buzz that belonged to a Prairie Warbler. After hiding for a short time, the bird decided to grant us a long and satisfying look. He perched on a tree near the roadside, singing loudly and flaunting his bright colors.

We drove to a bridge and watched as Cliff Swallows circled. Two scissor-tails perched on a power line, and a hawk lent us a brief glance.

We walked up and down the road for several hours. A brilliant red bird flew past, revealing itself to be a Summer Tanager. On a little tree by the road, we saw an Indigo Bunting. The bird was breathtaking – the deepest of blues. I still haven’t gotten used to seeing so many colorful birds in real life. Those are for storybooks; real life holds either gray or brown birds. The Indigo Bunting didn’t seem to know that, however.

As we were peering through our binoculars, two surveyors came up and questioned us. We weren’t very friendly – I didn’t even speak at all. I guess we forgot about good ol’ Texan kindness. Consequently, they were abrupt and left shortly.

A Pileated Woodpecker began climbing up a nearby pole. The bird was really incredible. It had a triangular-shaped red head and a black body. It jerked up and down as it walked. I would have enjoyed a close and long look at it.
After a few hours, the day became warm. I was hungry and was having trouble ignoring the pain in my leg. We left for school, gearing ourselves for the responsibilities of the real world.


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