Sunday, September 04, 2005

Beauty on campus

It’s good to be back at school. I haven’t seen as many herons and egrets as at home, but birds of prey fly over campus often. When the East is still the faintest pink, robins dot the ground. The days are finally cooling off. In fact, predicts 62 degrees for tonight. I wasn’t ready to go back to the dorm after dinner, so I dropped my shoes off behind a bush and started walking.

The streets were dusty, but the grass was cool and clean. The crickets were noisy. A few birdcalls I did not know rang out from the trees, and a nighthawk flew in between Tyler and the chapel site.

The stars in Longview may be dim, but still they’re beautiful. The trees are getting fewer and fewer, but still the front of campus has magestic, huge pines. The sounds of Mobberly are constant, and Narf threatens to deafen us all, but still crickets and cicadas persevere. I love wild, unadulterated nature, but even the smallest bit of creation is beautiful.


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