Friday, May 13, 2005

On my own

I’ve been feeling pretty desperate to go birding. Yesterday, I discovered that our tissue box had pictures of birds on it, and I felt so satisfied and happy. I took that as a hint that it was time to get out there and see what I could do on my own.

I got up at 7:30 and was stepping out the back door at around eight. The morning was cool, overcast, and muggy. I wasn’t really sure where I would go, so I began at the tree line behind our backyard. I followed it a while but didn’t see anything. The golf course behind the Hironagas' seemed a good option, so I meandered in that direction. I stopped to watch two male Cardinals fight. A female was on the ground, so perhaps that was the issue. I listened to their song for a while, trying to get it to stick. The basic one (if there is such a thing) is becoming familiar, but the little variations are confusing.

Upon arriving at the golf course, I heard several Chickadees. I searched for a while but was unable to spot anything. I also heard a repeating buzz. Again I searched but was only able to catch a short glimpse at a medium-sized bird with a crest.

I walked slowly, hoping to see something. A circle of trees in the middle of the golf course proved a popular place for Blue Jays, Cardinals, and Chickadees. I peered into their world – one that I could not enter but intrigued me nonetheless.

My walk continued, but soon the golfers started coming out. I had to rush past them in order to get out of their driving field; the time seemed right for heading back home.

On my way back, I stopped to try to get another glimpse at the buzzing bird. This stop yielded several good looks. The bird had a white breast and a gray back and crest. I guessed Tufted Titmouse. I looked it up online when I got home, and the one on the internet looked the same, a bit fluffier, but pretty similar nonetheless. The song clip didn’t sound at all like the one I heard though.

Overall, I was pleased with my birding experience this morning. Granted, I didn’t see much, but it was a good beginning. Bolt laid a good foundation, so hopefully now I can carry it forward on my own.


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