Tuesday, October 04, 2005


The last five months have been characterized by a desire to be able to once again ask “What’s that?” or “Why this?” and have an immediate answer. Finally, my longing was satiated. Bolt came through Longview on the way to Dallas, and Fjord’s eagerness to try birding with the expert soon reserved the following morning for the hobby.

I’d never skipped a class for pleasure before. But I did this morning. It was worth it.

With two pairs of binoculars between the three of us, we left Thomas lobby at seven and drove to 254, where swifts and cardinals greeted our arrival. Titmice and chickadees were abundant, familiar birds from home. Blue jays flopped past, and crows cawed, sometimes flying intently overhead.

Ruby-crowned Kinglets were there, but we never got more than a few brief glimpses of them. A Carolina Wren also called from the brush; he proved more willing to be seen than the kinglets. Thrashers called from high up in the trees, and two Pileated Woodpeckers flew right above us.

Later, a Coopers Hawk flew by, scattering a few doves. I saw an unfamiliar bird, and Bolt said it was an Indigo Bunting in its fall plumage. Its pale blue body and brown head were faded remnants of its spring glory, but its shape was still familiar. Another unfamiliar bird sat on a tree far away. I passed my binoculars to the Guru, and he quickly identified it as a Kestral Falcon.

After a brief walk by the pond, we drove back to campus. Throughout the morning, I made full use of my opportunity to ask any question I wanted -- questions I’d been wondering about for some time and questions that randomly popped into my head, too small to put in an email -- and have an immediate response. Answers are satisfying.


At October 11, 2005 10:11 AM, Blogger Lynn said...

I fully agree with your conclusion, though sometimes the answer-people, brilliant as they are, cannot provide us with every detail. If we had ALL the answers, the quest wouldn't be nearly so fun.

And congratulations on your first satisfying hooky-playing experience. It's all about irresistible invitations.

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