Thursday, April 06, 2006

Found, at last

Over a month ago, I lost my binoculars. I had left them in my backpack, I was sure. I scoured my room, but a dorm room offers few hiding places. After I had emptied my three drawers and poured my closet out onto my dorm-room floor, I turned to the rest of campus. I sent out emails and visited the lost and found nearly every time I passed it.

I prefer birding alone, when I have the privacy to stroke flowers and meet birds in solitude. Not having the leisure to stop by the pond for a few minutes before or after classes was the worst part of losing my binoculars. For group birding, Fjord generously shared his own or found another pair from his floor.

The binoculars were my parents, so I knew I had to purchase new ones, but I waited. Surely those optics wanted to see warblers nearly as much as I did.

The kids in Bible club have been rowdy of late. Hoping to buy their attention with a quiet-seat award, I opened a box of ribbons and feathers and various items reserved for presentations. Maybe I could find a suitable prize in there. I didn’t, but I did find a pair of missing binoculars.

Springtime birds, here I come!