Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Beauty irresistable

The days have been glorious of late, bringing with them warm sunshine and restorative breezes. Sometimes, their pull is too strong, and I have to respond.

I meant to get straight to work after class today. I even started walking to my room. I was weak, though, and soon found myself listening to the water trickling down the rocks at the pond. The picnic table was nearby, the perfect place for working. But, alas, I was weak again. Plopping my bag down, I left the table, never once looking back.

I couldn’t find too many birds at first, and I wondered if 90 degrees was still too hot for them. Crickets scampered at my feet, though, and a few butterflies played among the flowers.

Then I heard a happy yelp, and I looked up to see a Red-bellied Woodpecker busy at a tree. He looked smaller than most I’ve seen, but perhaps he wasn’t. At first, his red head was barely visible, but then he turned, allowing me to see its full brilliancy. A few doves fluttered by.

Eventually, I resumed my wander down the path. I saw briefly what I supposed to be a Ruby-crowned Kinglet, but it dashed through the fence before I had a chance to look.

The bell tower chimed, reminding me of that unnatural thing called time, and I turned back. The woodpecker and the doves detained me for a few moments, but I soon continued.

I thought I spotted movement, so I stopped. A bird flew to a further tree, and I hoped he would return. He did, and he proved to be a Downy Woodpecker. I watched him climbing upside down, hammering his beak against the wood. I could see faintly the movement of the doves in the trees across the path, and I knew the Red-bellied Woodpecker was with them.

Then I really had to leave. So I did, reluctantly.


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