Monday, May 30, 2005

Another road

Due to the Memorial Day holiday, the six-forty morning saw me heading out the door and into the cool, overcast world outside. Tired of the greenbelt I had grown up in, I decided to venture into the great unknowns outside of Trails Neighborhood. This pursuit led me on a mile hike to the entrance of the neighborhood and then across Northwest Drive to the retirement center on the other side. On the way, two Great Blue Herons and three Great Egrets soared overhead, and a mockingbird, looking quite pleased with his repertoire, sang from a treetop.

Behind the retirement center, I had recently discovered, was a large portion of uncleared land. Cardinals sped over the wildflower-carpeted earth, while chickadees buzzed from inside the forest. I saw a small road, clearly a play place for pickup-truck drivers, and I decided to take it.

I walked for a while, enjoying the melodies around me and a few quick glances at birds. The road eventually led to a small back street near Dallas Christian and Baylor Medical Center. I started back, stopping at the bridge on Northwest to watch Barn Swallows.

On the way back through the neighborhood I paused at the soccer fields to watch two shrikes chasing each other


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